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9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Donut Chat

Here’s some pretty cool stuff that just might make you want to use Donut Chat.
When you’re ready, we’d love to have you sign up for your free chat!

1. Takes seconds, costs nada.

You can get your chat started in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. You get your own Donut address where you can invite friends, visitors, or colleagues to chat and share files. (like Not only this, you can even host a custom domain address like

2. Nothing to download or install.

It’s elegant, easy, and web-based. You or your visitors don't need to download or install a thing. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. It's as simple as visiting a web page.

3. Website, Blog or Facebook Page.

Donut beautifully embeds into your Facebook Page, Website, Blog, Bulletin Board or CMS. All your members from these different platforms can now talk to each other.

4. Connects with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.

Your visitors don't have to sign up again. They can carry their existing profile information and sign in using their Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, WordPress or Joomla accounts. Donut can also connect with any other third-party application using the API.

5. It’s your chat, you’re in control.

If users misbehave, you can warn them, kick them out, or ban them with one click. You can choose to keep things clean with a word filter. You can also password-protect your rooms. A built-in control panel makes administration easier than ever before.

6. iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch compatible.

You and your visitors can enjoy chatting even when on the move. Donut works great on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The interface is completely customized in order to match the usability standards set by these mobile devices.

7. Share files, photos, videos and documents.

Donut lets you share files, photos, videos, documents, music and other files instantly in a room or a private conversation. Image preview appears right up in the chat so you can discuss it with others around. Users don't have to leave the chat to watch a YouTube, Vimeo or MetaCafe video. It appears right inside the chat.

YouTube Vimeo Flickr MetaCafe

8. Firewall friendly.

You and your visitors can chat even through a firewalled network. Whether you're on job or sitting in a campus lab, no one can stop you from accessing Donut.

9. Speaks your language.

No matter which part of the world you're from, Donut supports a number of languages out of the box. It's available in English, French, Mexican, Italian and German.

Digging it? Take a tour, or sign up for free.